Your stars for the week 26th Feb – 4th March 2016

Your stars for the week 26th Feb – 4th March 2016

Careful examination of the rules and regulations will help you feel more confident of any action you need to take to promote your goals. Join groups which share your dreams.

You always put in extra effort but often fail to receive the recognition you deserve. This trend is about to reverse with people appreciating efforts with romance in the mix.

Good luck shines down and you feel full of the joys of life with a need to share goodwill with all you meet. Get ready to spread a little light and love and produce much goodwill.

Have more faith in your self and your dreams. Life can be unpredictable but ultimately new pathways though rocky and untrodden, will take you to the right destination.

An old flame could be making your heart beat faster leaving you wondering whether to try again to capture the mellow glow of a soulmate connection.

Sometimes allowing others to dictate life’s choices can free you up to look at other aspects of life you have often ignored. Experiment with new ways of being fulfilled.

You should be making use of more spare time to indulge in a few little self indulgences that help recharge your batteries and liven up your love life.

You are such a soldier forever on the march to some new battle or manouvre to outwit anyone who dares to oppose you. Try a little tenderness to knock them off guard.

Short trips to visit old friends and neighbours can put you in touch with a new circle of entrepreneurs with amazing ideas for a new venture.

Your vitality is high and you are extra resourceful. Try out new ideas and interests to make the most of a trend for exploring a new way of enjoying what life has to offer.

You can speak with authority and need to share what you know. Don’t be mislead by gossip and half truths, research information others are holding back.

Some trends come to an end but this is also the time for a new beginning. Be assured new doors open but you have to choose carefully which way you go next.