Your stars for the week 25th April – 2nd May 2014

Your stars for the week 25th April – 2nd May 2014

Recent months may have taken you along a path of detachment and separation leaving you ready for new life choices made with more discerning judgement.

The solar eclipse in your sign next week will mark a memorable time that leaves a long lasting impression.Get ready to make major changes.

You may be taking time out to look again at what is important for you. Be prepared for some of your heartfelt projects to take longer to come to fruition or be discarded.

Finances need extra care as expenditure could be taken up with paying for repairs and big bills where you are left with nothing to show for your money.

You need to sit down and think carefully about your next move as whatever choice you make in the week ahead will have long lasting and major impact on your status.

Events have recently forced you to look again at your reputation and how you can improve your relationship with others. Reach for understanding and avoid criticism.

You tend to be acting more impulsively than usual and need to avoid abusing power or craving control unless you’re assured of a better outcome for all concerned.

Relationships are highlighted in the week ahead and you would be best advised to avoid power plays or partings may be inevitable.

You are working so hard to improve your position and you crave more income than currently coming your way. The week ahead brings signs of improvement.

It’s time to take another look at how you spend precious spare time. Take a look at evening classes, new training or leisure outlets to benefit from changes forced upon you.

The best place for you to benefit from current planetary patterns is with family and friends who seem extra kind caring and affectionate at the moment.

Your artistic talents are foremost and you make everything look appealing with your ability to give the magic touch and spread a little love and light.

Lunar Lore
The solar eclipse in the sign Taurus 29th April should be visible over some Southern Indian Ocean islands and parts of Australia where wildlife will be subdued in awe until it passes.

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