Your stars for the week 22nd – 29th January

Your stars for the week 22nd – 29th January

Some controversial issues to sort out but Mercury helps deliver good diplomatic solutions. Venus helps soothe your brow with a little loving chatter.

You seem to be on the offensive and could easily alienate others who might be better kept sweet.After 24th you will find good luck helps smooth the way forward.

Conflict resolution needed for some tricky exchanges which could cause rifts unless you appease hostile people. Tricky trends relationship wise, sweet talk your way out.

City travel features strongly and will bring some wonderful adventures and new people to share your days with. Career changes likely after a job loss.

You take pride in your achievements but often exaggerate your own importance. Allow your results to speak for themselves and don’t engage in duplicity.

Many upheavals to come so don’t expect a smooth ride. Prepare to be amazed and you wont be disappointed, many twists and turns give exciting times.

Life takes on a less fraught pace and you can begin to feel more in control. Impulsive spending brings a few treats to enjoy helping you feeling more powerful.

You are at your dynamic best and can afford to race ahead with dreams and schemes. A short trip with friends brings a romantic encounter and a little pillow talk.

You could be operating from a sense of loss and making poor decisions as a result. Stand back regain a more positive outlook and move on.

You’re not normally talkative so its good to see that you are finally expressing yourself and allowing others to understand your needs and talents.

Creative flair helps you feel more self actualising and fulfilled. Confidence could be low but friends rally round to help you feel special and important.

Don’t allow others steal your ideas. Keep your own counsel and share special creative projects only with those you can truly trust so you get the rewards you deserve.