Your stars for the week 16th – 23rd May 2014

Your stars for the week 16th – 23rd May 2014

An electrifying encounter could either leave you romantically entwined with the love of your life or transform you into a raging revolutionary.

A retreat or holiday getaway looks set to take you into the realms of the new and unusual with potential for a loving link up to make you feel inspired.

You are so flexible and adaptable as well as being a free spirit who loves to roam. Prepare for an independent phase where using your initiative brings dividends.

Mars move more swiftly next week so get ready for all those postponed ambitions to finally be re-heated and brought to the boil. Expect a faster pace.

A lucky few weeks ahead for you to benefit from networking, team projects as well as group activity that can bring success and you might even make a profit.

Of course you want everything to be perfect including yourself so watch out in the week ahead when a surprising turn of events helps you fulfil your goals.

A friend, partner or associate suddenly decides to go faster than you expected. Make up your mind whether or not to support their move or part company.

You can run, outmanoeuvre and scheme but trying to hide yourself and your motives could become a major challenge with plans quickly unravelling. Take care.

Someone looks likely to upset your plans so get ready to make use of all those diplomatic skills to stop them trying to rain on your parade.

Your are such a workaholic but need reminding that people around you are so amazing you would never have achieved anything without their support. Tell them you care.

A sudden brief encounter whilst on your travels will set your pulse racing and heart all a flutter. Make sure you look your best.

Communication is key to tidying up family and financial affairs. Take care of precious or valuable items and check insurance is up to date.

Lunar Lore
The Moon is perigee on 18th May which means it is closer to the earth at this time. It’s only when it coincides with a Full or New Moon and is very close that we can expect those ”supermoon” weather events.