Your stars for the week 15th – 22nd July 2016

Your stars for the week 15th – 22nd July 2016

Time to throw off the shackles and seek out adventure as spare time looks exciting as well as full of romantic opportunities for you to enjoy.

Turn away thoughts of failure and be brave. Changes lie ahead but they will bring greater scope for more enjoyment in years to come. Domestic trends look awesome.

Your flirtatious streak and mischievous side will be spectacularly on display this week. An amazing time for winning friends and impressing those who matter.

Others may try to dominate you but take a long hard look at what you want rather than fall in with their plans. Only you know what really works for you.

You are such a drama queen and the week ahead brings a chance to take centre stage and entertain everyone with your charismatic act. Enjoy.

I do hope you are aiming to look again at balancing boring routine with some creative interests that can help you feel more in control of your own destiny.Love beckons.

Not everyone shares your point of view and now is the time to listen. Of course you enjoy using your talent for judging but don’t always assume others are wrong.

Use current planetary chemistry to tighten up those abs and get fit and ready for some amazing times to share with friends who care. Work and play unite this week.

Of course your perspective is right for you but often it’s better to use diplomacy rather than force others to your own point of view. Routine changes are inevitable.

Some good fortune smiles down but it brings results in ways you never expected. Take care to look for the silver lining so you don’t allow clouds to spoil your view.

Love and Lady Luck help you feel uplifted and ambitions become so much easier to fulfil. Friends and loved ones bring a boost to your ambitions and efforts.

With so many unaccounted for outcomes and so much to consider, plan time to enjoy some creative outlets to boost your energy levels and nourish the soul.