Your stars for the week 13th – 20th March 2015

Your stars for the week 13th – 20th March 2015

It’s great to be wanted and right now you are in high demand and attracting quite a bit of romantic interest. Be ready to charm the hind leg off the proverbial donkey.

It’s soon going to be all systems go after a short time on retreat working on plans and tidying up delayed issues. A shopping spree helps put a spring in your step.

Prepare to work on widening your credibility and appeal and make a better name for yourself as well as preparing for a new enterprise or interest.

The total solar eclipse on 20th already forces you to look again at your status and achievements but don’t make any long term commitment until later in the month.

The equinox on 20th is a powerful event bring forward positive trends for slowly getting what you want. You’ll also feel like exercising that lionheart to help others.

Life’s relationships are a focus for you and the weeks ahead continue a trend for hospital visits or long journeys which can drain vitality so take care of your health.

Passions run high in relationships and planetary trends may be changing their chemistry. Adapt and deliver bold statement to show you mean what you say.

At last you have managed to steer your way through some sticky situations but don’t take people for granted again. Romantic trends are strong but may not last.

A few unexpected visitors may turn up forcing you to abandon plans in order to entertain them. Working from home or living on the job resolves some major issues.

Your domestic trends are seismic right now so plan for the great escape and book a short journey with friends you can trust to enjoy a well earned if brief getaway.

Some confusion along with mixed messaging along with a bit of ”spin” is cause for concern now while news of a scandal could prove very entertaining.

It’s all happening at your end of the zodiac so a very exciting time ahead for you. Try not to make long term plans just yet, wait till the end of the month.