Your stars for the week 11th – 18th April 2014

Your stars for the week 11th – 18th April 2014

These are eventful times, some might even say apocalyptic, bringing in shock and awe situations for you to resolve. This time will pass, enjoy the novelty of it all.

You don’t normally blow your own trumpet or pretend grandeur you don’t possess, but you can move a mountain or two when the need arises. Get ready to lift:-)

You love change, can be very witty, with creativity that provides solutions to conflicts. Get ready to exercise all you talents in promoting your new venture.

A work or social project can bring in electrifying results, or be a source of new inspiration as it hits the headlines. Get ready for rock n roll to spice up the daily routine.

You seem to be touring rather than staying home while the week ahead brings a need to put extra effort into a personal enterprise or put an end to it.

The tax man demands his dues, take care of expenses and make sure you know all the rules. Get professional advice to ensure you come out smelling of roses.

The lunar eclipse of 15th is in your sun sign making this an extraordinary time of self reflection and self promotion with new horizons to explore.

A good week for establishing what your priorities are and making a list of things to do before rushing ahead. Romantic opportunities bring uplifting connections.

You’re tied up with social commitments while unexpected encounters with a past associate needs careful handling. A make or break situation needs resolving.

Potentially life changing choices could cause you to act forcefully or trigger impulsive behaviour you later regret. Fate and Fortune deal unusual cards, be patient.

Don’t expect things to run smoothly either the weather or some other external force steps in to take control of the direction you hoped you were heading towards.

Intuition is strong but the devil is in the detail of any financial transaction or contract you are about to engage with. Major planetary stresses demand due diligence.

Lunar Lore
Lunar eclipse, 15th April, is in sign Libra triggering a tense major planetary line up with global repercussions; or it could just be someone pouring water on fire!