Your stars for the Christmas period 18th – 31st December 2015

Your stars for the Christmas period 18th – 31st December 2015

It’s easy to get irritated any time of year for you rams, but this time of year will be extra challenging. You need to bite the bullet, sit back and listen and don’t rise to the bait.
The 25th brings wonderful feast with family and friends.

Normally you avoid conflict but oh those horns once that anger is aroused! Don’t get angry, get information and show them you know best. Spread seasonal peace and good will, make love not war under the mistletoe.

Stay positively charged even though many hurdles obstruct you and the reindeer. This solstice helps you ignore trials and share tribulations with the 25th bringing good cheer, less stress and mulled wine to warm you.

Your ruling Moon works to bring a memorable climax to the years events. Prepare to be astounded. Waxing Full in your sign on 25th you’ll find yourself surrounded by nurturing friends offering solace, support and sparkle.

You love the party time but leave early morning to catch up with work before partying again. Always burning the candle at both ends, you manage to bring charm and warmth to all at this special time of the year. Avoid overeating:-)

Expect enjoyable visits to special people and just spoil yourself, while others trim trees, stuff turkeys and collect berries. Santa sees you surrounded by warm circles of friends so relax and enjoy the scenery.

Take nothing for granted, but don’t over organise as unexpected events conspire to bring pleasant surprises you never planned. Inspired gifts and unusual people make this a Christmas you’ll always treasure.

Of course you are plotting with elves and fairies to see who has been good and who never did what you wanted! Enjoy playing Santa, wear the red coat and white beard just to make it more magical and mysterious.

Tensions arise but the mantra is peace and goodwill, so keep on chanting. Do what you always do well, share food, bring everyone together and scatter tinsel, sparkle and glitter as you move amongst the madding guests.

Your cracker will hopefully have the motto ‘don’t worry, be happy’ and you will recognise this as words of wisdom in fact a gift this Christmas to tell you how to live your life.
None of it will matter one hundred years from now.

Your path to partying is paved with good intentions but overspending brings a headache to add to the hangover. OUCH! I feel your pain. The remedy is teamwork so call on friends and neighbours to help with turkey and trimmings.

Travel brings many detours and surprising encounters. If you hear bells look out for Rudolph pulling his sleigh to take you on a magical mystical ride into wonderland. Pennies and plum pudding add spice to enjoy.