Why is South West France the number one destination for expats?

Why is South West France the number one destination for expats?

We’re often asked, why are so many Brits are choosing to spend their retirement in the south west of France? However, a better question would be, why wouldn’t you want to retire there? The warmer climate, stunning landscapes and relaxed lifestyle are all great reasons to make France your favourite retirement destination, but as you immerse yourself in its idyllic lifestyle you’ll wonder why you waited so long to also make it your home.

france 2The Aquitaine, Midi Pyrenees and Poitou-Charentes regions all make up South West France, which as an area is the number one destination for expats in France. A warm climate is paired with reasonably priced properties that include rural homes, manor houses and even some charming chateaux.

If you’re not quite ready to give up working just yet you can still make the move, as many people choose to commute to the UK, winding down from their Monday to Friday work life and slowly relaxing into retirement. Alternatively, you can find yourself an established bed and breakfast or property with existing gite business to obtain the slower-paced lifestyle you’ve always yearned for.

To entice you further into this area of France, some of the more popular such as Tarn, Dordogne or Gers have been made famous due to their reputation for excellent cuisine, authentic wine and endless adventures waiting to be discovered.

Although the lifestyle is often described as laid-back, you can choose to spend your time taking part in a selection of the local activities; golf is an all year round hobby, unlike in the UK, and the winter invites you to sample the slopes, even if just for a hot chocolate and a wander around the shops.

Walking or cycling tours can also be an enjoyable way to explore your new home and surrounding areas, or you could choose to taste your way through the local wines and cheeses produced in and around your home town. The list is endless.

When you think about becoming an expat or retiring to a place where the sun always seems to shine, how do you picture your days? ‘Slowing down’ or ‘taking it easy’ doesn’t mean stopping altogether; in fact, the people in South West France have discovered the true meaning of a balanced life, making this area very popular indeed.

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