Satisfy the foodie in you with a Venice break!

Satisfy the foodie in you with a Venice break!

Even for the most seasoned of foodies, Venice offers such an outstanding selection of delicious food and drink that it is literally impossible not to be enthused by a visit there.

Alongside Venice’s incredible culture added to the fact that it is steeped in history, the city’s mouthwatering cuisine draws in hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

A food lover’s dream destination!

Venice is an ideal holiday destination as it ticks the boxes of most travellers on multiple levels in terms of what they are looking for from their break. Venice city breaks are popular all year long
especially among foodies who want to experience a worthwhile vacation and enjoy their favourite food at the same time.

Food is so deeply woven into the way of life that makes up Venetian culture and, therefore, it is simple and convenient to organise itineraries around the city’s top attractions and pop into some of the most delectable surrounding restaurants and cafes while doing so.

For example, it’s simple to build a day plan around first visiting the incredible St Mary of the Friars cathedral and then nip in for a Menu of the Day comprising of firstly a beautiful spaghetti dish and then a perfectly cooked piece of meat.

Afterwards, it is easy to quickly move onto the Grand Canal where there will be the opportunity to enjoy time on one of the many gondolas, before later ordering one of the most sumptuous and creamy ice creams available from any of the nearby vendors.

The best food in Venice

As can be easily imagined given that it’s surrounded by water, many of Venice’s best dishes are based around seafood. Highly recommended dishes for you to seek out to try include Baccala Mantecata and sardines with nuts and raisins.

Polenta is another speciality which can be found in Venice and is well worth ordering, especially if you’ve been sticking solely to the main Italian staples like pasta and pizza.

Venice is one of Europe’s premium tourist destinations and is the perfect place for any foodie to spend time in. The fascinating culture and atmosphere of the city is superbly complemented by its delicious food.

All of the great Italian dishes can be found here, however, the selection of unusual dishes and variations in flavour make it a memorable trip for food connoisseurs.