Your stars for the week 7th – 14th November

Your stars for the week 7th – 14th November

Take extra care while travelling and avoid being hasty or impetuous. Take a long hard look at the best way to prioritise your spending commitments.

It’s good to talk but make sure you are clear about what you need to clarify or convey before risking an important relationship. Listen carefully to others needs.

A love affair may not be working out the way you hoped but don’t let bitterness spoil things. Use diplomacy to win back affection and some sweet talking.

Taking out loans may solve temporary problems while investing in real estate or other property needs careful handling and the help of an expert.

Lifestyle and career choices need careful navigating. Is it better to work from home or are you thinking of living at work so you can take pride of place there?

The week ahead brings exciting new adventures with exciting new contacts who have good ideas for helping you get what you want.

Fate is telling you not to take too much for granted especially where finances and family are concerned. Make a list of needs before the seasonal overspend.

It’s all systems go on the cosmic scene so prepare to party and spend good times with friends old and new as planets propel you into a hectic schedule.

Some centaurs are out having a wild time (tell us where and we’ll come and join in) whilst others seem to be catching up with hospital visits; hope it isn’t a hangover!

A good time to look at ways of either establishing a new base for yourself or profiting from property rentals. Romantic revelling provides racy moments.

A new interest brings close encounters with exciting people who help you see life, love and the universe from a new point of view.

Finally folk around you stop being difficult and disputes and differences begin to be resolved. A stroke of good luck helps you beat the blues.

Lunar Lore
”Ladee” is an unmanned spacecraft NASA hope will collect Moon dust. Ladies are brilliant at collecting dust, but nice to know the lads are learning at last:-)