Recycle your mobile phones and other gadgets in Lockdown.

Recycle your mobile phones and other gadgets in Lockdown.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we live our lives. We have lived a major part of this year inside our homes. Many of us have even lost our jobs and are facing a financial struggle. Our real strength lies in the way we handle the lockdown and how are we going to live after the lockdown.

Research says that after the UK government imposed the nationwide lockdown, people began to clean their homes and get rid of the unwanted materials and devices from their homes. It is a wise act to do in lockdown, which will help save the world. As the global electronic waste has increased to a great extent, these wastes aren’t fully accessible because they are lying in the homes. You can also recycle your mobile phone that you no longer use.

As electronic gadgets like smartphones and laptops are now an essential part of our lives, we have unknowingly bought the new one while the old one is lying around our home in an unused state. As new gadgets are launched, the waste we are going to dump in the future is going to be inevitable. In 2020, Apple has removed plastics and even the charger from the iPhones unit to reduce the e-waste. It will be implemented by all the industries soon.

Contribution of individuals

It is only people who can make a greater contribution to the process of recycling. We live in a digital world, and the technologies other than smartphones and laptops like Amazon Echo and other smart home devices have also occupied our homes. These devices are needed to make our lives easy, and it is necessary to upgrade them frequently.

But recycling is the thing which we forget when buying new gadgets. These gadgets have a lot of rare and precious metals and materials. These materials include gold, which is a tough process to extract from scratch. Yes, we can recycle gold from our electronic devices. Research shows that one can recycle a gram of gold from a wad of electronic devices, look at the numbers when we recycle e-waste from the entire world.

The average amount of gold extracted from mines is 7.4 tonnes per day while the same amount of gold is present in 300 million smartphones. Currently, there are about 7 billion active smartphones around the world, so look at the resources we are wasting by ignoring recycling.

Why the lockdown is the right time?

The world has never been under lockdown before. During previous pandemics, some countries have suffered lockdown, but the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic has created a global lockdown. It has forced many of us to work from home, and we have changed our lifestyle to a new normal. Many employees have been using devices provided by their company, but if they are working from home or have lost their jobs, they need their smartphones and laptops.

It has created strong demand for electronic gadgets whist people are facing financial problems. As the prices of the new devices aren’t affordable for many, a generous act of recycling, if performed by unused gadgets owners, will help the world to a great extent.

Many electronic device manufacturers have their own refurbishing or recycling program, but the value quoted for your old device is low. People can try a third party mobile phone recycling company like Rapid Phone Buyer where one can get the market best value for their devices. The price will be calculated depending on the device condition and brand value.

Closing Thoughts

Mobile recycling can help to create a sustainable environment and is beneficial for the owner as well. The device condition is crucial for getting a better value for your old device. If the device is old and in working condition, instead of using it for an extended period till it dies, it is better to resell or recycle for a better price. It can also help the people to get second-hand devices at an affordable price, and the owner can have some extra money out of it. If you are looking to recycle your mobile phone, contact Rapid Phone Buyers to know more about our services.