Is leasing a good option for senior citizens?

Is leasing a good option for senior citizens?

Until fairly recently, most private individuals simply did not consider leasing a car instead of buying one. There was a tendency to think of it as an option that was only suitable for business owners.

Fortunately, that is now changing as more people become aware that they can just as easily sign up for a Range Rover Sport lease as a company would. There are more and more leasing companies putting together packages that are specifically designed for ordinary people. Importantly, that includes senior citizens.

This is not surprising when you consider that in most countries people aged over 60 represent a growing percentage of the adult population. Therefore, leasing firms are increasingly catering for people who fall into that age category.

There are several reasons why leasing a car instead of buying one is potentially such a good option for older drivers. Just read on to find out more and learn how to determine if leasing is likely to be right for you too.

Provide fixed motoring costs

Most pensioners are living on a fixed income. In that situation, having fixed outgoings can save you a lot of worries. Most people lead busy lives and have responsibilities that they can only fulfil if they have access to their car. For example, picking up the grandchildren or taking themselves or their partner to the doctors or hospital. In those situations, having to leave your car with a mechanic for weeks because you cannot afford to pay the repair bill, is awful.

With most lease deals you know exactly how much you are going to pay each month. Provided you sign the right contract they take care of all servicing and things like new tyres.

Better reliability

The fact that you are driving a new car means that you benefit from good reliability. Most lease deals include good quality breakdown coverage. So, even if you should breakdown you will not be inconvenienced much.


New cars tend to be more comfortable to drive. They usually feature seats that are easy to adjust to suit the way you need to sit.

Easier to drive

Modern cars come with all sorts of technology that makes driving a lot easier. For example, parking systems that mean that you do not have to worry about the fact you cannot easily turn around to see the area behind you when you are reversing.

Better fuel economy

Most modern cars include features that mean that you get very good fuel economy. Given the fact that fuel is one of the few costs you will need to continue to cover, this is a very important consideration.

Where to find out more

The above are the main benefits of leasing a vehicle that are likely to be important to senior citizens. However, before going out and looking for a lease and deciding if it really is the best option for you it is important to do a bit more research. This article is a particularly good starting point for anyone who does want to find out more.