The ‘Queen’ on a nobility scooter

The ‘Queen’ on a nobility scooter

Shoppers were stunned when they spotted the Queen whizzing around a town centre on a mobility SCOOTER – who turned out to be a Royal lookalike.

The Royal visitor turned out to be doppelganger Mary Reynolds – who has appeared around the world impersonating Her Majesty.

The unofficial Queen was spotted on a four-wheel scooter as she opened a new Easy Living Mobility store in Walsall, West Mids.yesterday.

Shopper Mary Davies, 44, said: “I was pottering around town picking up a few things minding my own business when I caught what I thought was the Queen in the corner of my eye.

NTI_QUEEN_ALIKE_01“I had to do a double take because I was sure she was the real deal.

“She was flying around on this mobility scooter but looked the spitting image of the Queen and was dressed just like her.

“Once I got closer and saw her stand up to cut the ribbon it was obvious she was a look-a-like but she is a very good one.”

John Partridge, 69, added: “I was taking my grandson out for a stroll around and saw this lady who looked just like the Queen.

“I am a big fan of the royal family but I doubt I will ever have an invite to Buckingham Palace so it was nice to at least speak to someone who looks like her.”

Mary, 78, wore a bright red suit and hat with a pearl necklace and brooch as she travelled around the town centre on the mobility scooter – which had an L plate on the front.

She then cut the pink ribbon to open the 3,000 sq ft retail outlet alongside Dan Griffiths and Nathan Bevan – who run Easy Living Mobility.

Daniel said: “Our aim is to take away the stigma that is often related to mobility living.

“We want to show our customers not just how easy we can make their every day lives, but how stylish their room set-ups can still be.”

* Mary has appeared around the world impersonating the Queen working alongside top celebrities and photographers.

by Ian Murphy