Printed or Woven Labels for Your Fabric Products

Printed or Woven Labels for Your Fabric Products

When you put together a fabric-based product range, it is important to provide information via the product label. You must choose the right kind of label for your product while ensuring that you can convey all the information needed for the end customer.

This choice invariably is one of two;
• Printed labels
• Woven labels

Before we explore in more depth, let’s take a look at the differences between the two.

The Key Differences Between Printed and Woven Labels

The essential differences are:
Design Intricacy – Woven label designs tend to take up more space as they are stitched into a smaller space and provide a better professional look. Printed labels offer you the chance to use hundreds of different colours in a smaller space. It is in many ways about what you are trying to achieve.
Luxury Quality – The more high end brands tend to use clothing size labels that are woven rather than printed. That said, a good professional look is achievable using printed labels and these are often used in lighter weight fabrics.
Durability – Printed labelling will eventually wash off while woven labels last that little bit longer.
Price – As woven labels are created on a loom they tend to be more expensive. That said, if the garment is aimed at a luxury market, a bit extra for the labelling isn’t going to break the budget. Printed labels are easier to produce and are cheaper as well.

Woven Labels

Woven labels tend to be made from polyester or cotton, and the design is weaved on a loom. The complexity of the label that can be produced is dependent upon the space available. That said, the technology is such that a woven label offers a high level of design intricacy.

Labels of this kind tend to be found in high end products. They have a soft feel, they ooze class into a garment. Due to the design being woven rather than printed, they are far more resistant to everyday life and the rigours of going through a washing machine.

Given their nature, woven labels often show size information, website addresses, and brand names.

Printed Labels

Printed labels are digitally printed on to the material. This is normally a label made from satin, cotton, Tyvek or a poly blend. The printing process allows for limitless choice of colours.

This level of design control makes it possible to put on a high level of branding detail, so promoting brand loyalty is not an issue.

Many garment manufacturers like using printed labels as the design they see on the computer screen are exactly the one they see on the label. If quality inks are used, the label will survive the washing machine and everyday use for longer.

From a production perspective, printed labels offer shorter lead times which may be heaven sent for large last minute orders.

Label choice is important and will be determined by your target market and the brand values you are trying to convey. So ensure you select the right one for your brand.