Paula’s Wines of the Week – 3rd March 2021

Paula’s Wines of the Week – 3rd March 2021

Audio wine reviews let you hear what the wine is like

Now you can listen to the wine reviews as well as reading them. Available on the @wineuncorkeduk Twitter feed, these minute-long reviews tell you everything you need to know about the wine – where to get it and how much it costs, whether it’s a top-rated 5* wine and what it tastes like – and all free to access and hear.

Because Twitter’s new audio tweet facility is available to anyone to listen to – a tweet appears on the @wineuncorkeduk timeline as normal but instead of just reading what it says you can now click and hear the voice behind explaining what the wine was like – with the expected changing voice tones and levels of enthusiasm that you’d expect from someone telling you their professional opinion.

Studies have shown that listening to short snippets of information is comparable to reading it for understanding. A 2019 study on providing short pieces of health information by text or audio found that both methods proved equally effective for getting across the essential facts – although audio proved a tiny bit more effective at 55% effectiveness than text, which had a 53% rating. But reading isn’t dead yet as the study also showed that you are more likely to remember the information if you read it.

If you want to listen to some of the audio wine reviews then go to and find the following wines:

The Wine Society’s Exhibition Fleurie 2019
5* rating
£10.99 The Wine Society
If you think Beaujolais is all Nouveau then think again with this wine from one of the Cru villages that puts its name on the label. It’s still made with the Gamay grape with the expected cherry aromas but the flavour is so much more with a sappy green woodiness with aniseed and black treacle notes that make this an excellent example of its type.

Jean Plener Fils NV half bottle champagne
5* rating
£16 Moore Champagne
Finally a champagne that isn’t so acidic that it removes your teeth enamel and is so nice that you may want a full bottle (available for £26.50 from Moore Champagne). Made by a small independent grower producer, this predominantly Pinot Noir non-vintage brut is lightly fizzy but still packs a punch with its floral and fresh honeycomb aromas. The flavour is a complex mix of lime, sharp apple and hay that is enjoyable as an aperitif. A very nice old-fashioned style of champagne that you won’t find in the supermarkets.

Tesco Claret
4* rating
£5 Tesco
This supermarket own-label Claret hits the spot for flavour and value. At just £5 a bottle this blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot is labelled under the old-fashioned name of “Claret” but it is a standard Vin de Bordeaux. With its deep red colour and violet floral aromas this is an attractive wine retailing at less than the average price of £6 a bottle. Add in some Old Spice aftershave aroma plus some cherry and plum fruitiness and this makes an everyday wine without the usual cloying sweetness of many cheaper French reds.

Kylie Minogue Cotes de Provence rose 2020
4* rating
£15 Morrisons
This is a top flavoured fashionable Provence-style rosé from the famous singer-actress own-branded product range. One of five wines, the wines were added in 2020 to complement ranges of perfume, makeup, sunglasses and clothing – and her music. The wines are all single estate and available via UK firm Wine Delivered – except this one, the Cotes de Provence rosé 2020 is exclusive to supermarket chain Morrisons. Well done Morrisons. Because this is an excellent wine. Floral and fruity with a light meringue sweetness all wrapped up in the expected pretty pale pink colouring of a Cotes de Provence. The lily of the valley aroma is a great surprise and adds sophistication to this blend of the red grapes Grenache and Cinsault plus a small amount of the white Rolle (also known as Vermentino).

The wine rating system uses a maximum of 5 stars:

5 star rating (outstanding – the top rating given by
4 star rating (very good wine)
3 star rating (good wine but over priced)
2 star rating (a disappointing wine)
1 star rating (little to offer)

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