Older people should be able to do paid Christmas work

Older people should be able to do paid Christmas work

Yesterday in the post was a recruitment post card from Royal Mail asking for help during the very busy Christmas Period.

I thought of applying but then, because of my age but most of all because I look my age I would not be employed this would happen immediately, even before I could demonstrate that I am an extremely fit older person.

The older man according to a radio programme is lonely – lonelier than the older women.  A fit older man is more able to lift, carry and move heavy loads better than an older woman.

I know this from experience as a past Christmas GPO temporary worker who carried the mail in a large shoulder canvas bag.

The older person is disabled by their looks as much as by their age even before their ability could be assessed.

I ask Mature Times to look into this so that we the older person can earn a small wage to help us over this very difficult economic period.

Pat Robinson (Mrs)

P.S.  I can list certain jobs that I could do easily and as well as in any period in my life and this would apply to A LOT OF PEOPLE.


Image courtesy of Kenneth Allen at www.wikimedia.org