Why do we have to be so lit up at Christmas?

Why do we have to be so lit up at Christmas?

Why do they do it? I love Christmas but why all the lights?

There’s nothing more Christmassy than decorating the tree and decking the halls, but to emblazon the whole house and garden with full-on neon lights baffles me.

It’s as though one household has to beat the next with the number of lights on their property.

It’s bad enough lighting up for the Christmas period, but when this starts as early as the end of November it’s a bit ‘over the top’.

This distraction to motorists is a hazard as the driver is too busy looking at the specatacle to look at the road.

Not only that but do they consider their waste of energy and their electric bills at the end of the season?

I think the only good thing to come out of it is that some of them collect money and donate to worthwhile charities.

Elsie Sprockett
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Image courtesy of  Achim Raschka  at www.wikimedia.org