Ageism is an anachronism today

Ageism is an anachronism today

In  the 21st Century we are still apt to gauge
People solely on account of their age
Comprising the invidious practice of ageism
Which blights people’s lives for no good reason.

Age maybe just a number but this is far from the case
For many of our elderly people who often face
Personal suffering and loss of their dignity
Due to how they are treated by some in our society.

The law can only go so far in dealing with the issues
That older people confront, stemming from our views;
About what they are capable of doing,
And the way in which they should be living.

People have no inherent sell-by date
So we should never tolerate
The practice of ageism holding sway
Over any sphere of activity in the UK.

Having already contributed enormously
To our whole community
Many senior citizens want to and can
Continue to do so with great Elan.

People are the most precious of our nation’s resources
As demonstrated when they served in our armed forces
Older people do have the WOW (Wealth of Experience) Factor
So far from being diminished, should be much sought-after.

Nowdays life expectancy
Is increasing exponentially
So we can all expect to see;
More octogenarians,
And nonagenarians,
Even centenarians,

And must look after their welfare in the same manner
As we do for children who we happily nurture
So that they can become mature adults of the future.

We must jettison once and for all
Ageism which is so inimical
To the healthy functioning of a modern society.

Many eminent people have said in recent times and historically
That  “A society is judged by how it treats the elderly”.

Politicians in particular, please note
That the elderly have a propensity to vote
In  Local, European and especially General Elections
So pay due attention to their concerns.

It is not wrong to describe somebody as being old!
It is wrong to leave them out in the cold!
It is right that regardless of age everybody is allowed to give
Fully of themselves for as long as they live.

J D Milaric