You never need to be alone

You never need to be alone

After reading the article in Mature Times newspaper on loneliness recently I would like to say that many of us need never be alone.

There are clubs run by the church and community centres who meet every month at least and do bingo and singsong days, where you can meet people of your own age group and often there might be other days when they meet. Often these events are free or at a very low cost. They  have days out to the theatre and coach trips.

You go out to the shops and see people from the events and can have a chat and keep in contact in the street. with them, there is many clubs out there. you can find out by asking a neighbour, or a relative, or friend who you might find is in the same boat and goes also to groups and you make contact with other meetings.

I go to one of these clubs and its fun, it really is.

David Treacher