How modern technology helps you stay in touch… and more

How modern technology helps you stay in touch… and more

Modern technology can do so much. And touchscreen tablets like the iPad or Samsung Tab in particular have caught on with all sorts of people, from children still at school to retired grandparents.

After all, you can use them to browse the web, check up on news, watch TV, check up on recent sports results, make free video phone calls, find recipes, do your shopping… or even read ebooks.

Not only that but they’re easier to carry around and use wherever you want.

But the disadvantage is that they’re very different to use from a PC. So even if you’ve already learnt to use a PC or laptop, using a tablet is something new to learn.

The manufacturers claim that they’re so easy to use you don’t need a manual – I’m not sure I agree!

After all, until someone’s shown you, how could you know everything about how to use them?

That’s where a newly published guide comes in. It starts at the beginning and goes step by step through what you need to know.

It’s written by Tim Wakeling, who’s helped thousands get to grips with PCs, laptops and tablets since setting up The Helpful Book Company, ten years ago. Tim writes without jargon and explains everything in plain simple language, using pictures of the screen to make everything clear.

He’s written separate books for the Apple iPad and devices using Android, such as the Hudl, Kindle Fire, Nexus, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Sony Xperia and so on. The books are only available direct from the publisher.

For your free information pack explaining all about the books and how they could help you, call The Helpful Book Company on 01229 777606.