I would not miss Strictly for anything

I would not miss Strictly for anything

You requested viewing habits so for myself, as I live on my own (yippee!!).   Here goes…

I am missing my Sat night fix if Scandinavian thrillers, I can’t wait for their return. Crimes of Passion currently showing is not my cup of tea at all and is no replacement!

I am watching The Driver because I love David Morrissey. It’s very violent but I will continue to view.

I would not miss Strictly for anything and I also enjoy It Takes Two on week nights, which is good fun when evenings are getting longer and after a stressful day.

Downton; well! I watch it as I like to keep up with the Radio 4 spoofs on Dead Ringers etc. but how can anyone possibly take it seriously?!   I like to imagine the cast filming it as I can just imagine the laughter and leg pulling!  This will stop when something I like replaces Downton.

Scott and Bailey I have always watched, but this may stop too as I feel the script is going off the boil.

I enjoy a good film although there are not too many of them. Last ones I enjoyed were The Guard (much swearing but such good script) and Alamar really unusual storyline and little dialogue, I loved it.

I am hooked on news and politics and current affairs. Radio 4 (Michal Hussein, John Humphries) all the time, Question  Time, Andrew Marr, John Snow are my favourites, and I am missing Jeremy Paxman.

I am very interested in the idea of giving up the tele altogether, although signal on Exmoor is nonexistent for online anything. Also my set is small and would like a 24″ as I use sub titles.  I do not object to TV licence as I couldn’t manage without Radio 4 in my life.

This year the Sarah Lancashire serial set in Manchester, Happy Valley was the highlight of the year for me: the script, main actress performance were all excellent and I hope  in line for awards.

My pet hates are all overly enthusiastic presenters.  I love arts programmes but I don’t watch many as background unnecessary music and the overly wowness means I have to switch off.

I love good quiz programmes apart from University Challenge and the new ones don’t attract me.

Recent successes for me, Rick Stein in India was beautifully filmed, and I loved hotel India.

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Image courtesy of wikimedia.org Brian Minkoff- London Pixels