A sleek, simple and reliable way to check your blood pressure

A sleek, simple and reliable way to check your blood pressure

Mature Times reviews OMRON EVOLV – Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Many people need to monitor their blood pressure regularly because of a health condition or as part of a healthy living regime. Tracking your blood pressure can be done at home with a blood pressure monitor, traditionally comprising a cuff and a monitor connected by a wire. Additionally, our blood pressure changes as we age and so it is worth keeping an eye on it*.

With that in mind, the MT were delighted to be offered the chance to test the new EVOLV Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor from Omron. This is a wireless device with no separate cuff and no fiddly wires; the cuff and the monitor are combined. As well as measuring your blood pressure the device also shows your pulse rate.

Setting up the device is easy; it comes with full, easy to understand instructions that tell you how to get started and how to use it. Being battery operated there is no charging required and once the batteries are in, you can start using your device. However, for those with limited finger or hand dexterity, opening the battery cover and inserting the batteries may require some assistance. Once the batteries are in, the device tells you that it’s ready.

EVOLV can synchronise your readings to your smartphone, meaning you can track your results and monitor your progress. To do this you need to download the OMRON app onto your smartphone. Once you’ve paired the device to your phone, your blood pressure readings are transferred to the app where you can view, backup and track your blood pressure trends with ease and without the need to keep notes.

If you don’t have a smartphone, don’t worry; the device works just as simply and just as accurately without being paired to a smartphone. You’ll just need to remember to make a note of your readings, should you need to do so, and press ‘stop’ when you’ve finished.

Using the EVOLV couldn’t be easier; wrap it on your upper arm and press the start button. It’s compact and comes with a handy storage/carry case so that taking it with you when you’re away from home is easy. The display has a built-in HD OLED display making the display easy to read, even when using it at night. Recommended.

For more information and to order the EVOLV Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, please visit: www.omron-healthcare.com/en-gb/evolv#evolv

* Remember that if you are concerned about your blood pressure or health in any way, please speak to your GP.