Copper Stone Pans from JML will not let you down!

Copper Stone Pans from JML will not let you down!

Mature Times reviews JML’s Copper Stone Pan

I’ve been putting up with an old frying pan that’s lost half its non-stick and become super-stuck to one or two burnt bits for some time, so was very excited to try out a Copper Stone pan from JML.

Copper Stone Pans JMLCopper Stone pans have a 3 layer construction with a non-stick, scratch resistant top, forged aluminium core and stainless steel base. The copper-infused, stone-effect non-stick surface of the pan is a refreshing change to the more traditional frying pans on the market and gives the pan a warm, homely look. In addition, the smooth, wood-effect, moulded Bakelite handle gives the pan a great feel and makes it easy to use.

The pans come in three different sizes, but I found the 28cm was very versatile and suitable for cooking most things. It is reasonably light to manoeuvre and the non-stick surface allows you to cook with or without oil, making for easy, clean cooking. I have used it to cook almost anything; fried eggs, pancakes, chops and curries – all cook quickly and evenly and don’t stick!

The non-stick surface also means the pans are extremely easy to clean; they can simply be rinsed and wiped, ready for the next meal.

Copper Stone pans are suitable for use on all hobs, including induction.

For pans that look good, live up to their ultra-non-stick reputation and are easy to clean, Copper Stone Pans from JML will not let you down!

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