Five Fun Groups Activities to Experience with your Friendship Group

Five Fun Groups Activities to Experience with your Friendship Group

A coffee and a chat with your favourite people is always welcome. It’s a great way to reinforce your connection and reap the associated health benefits that socialising brings, such as;

● Boosting cognition and memory.
● Increasing confidence and self-esteem.
● Reduced blood pressure.
● It gives you a sense of purpose.
● Enhances your quality of life.

But a sit down with a hot brew isn’t the only way to enjoy one another’s company. There’s plenty of other ways to discover new sides of each other and even learn something new, and here’s how:

Play Poker

With a pack of cards, a table, and of course, a flurry of snacks and beverages at hand, you and your friends are almost ready to start dealing cards.

But first, unless a friend of yours is a poker veteran the it’s essential to get accustomed to the rules by reading books about poker that explain the fundamentals of the game, such as hand reading and hand ranking.

The objective of poker is to play the best hand and analyse the potential opponents’ hands to help you make calculated decisions.

To start with, friends may want to play with just the poker chips or, for example, sweets until everyone gets used to the game. And then, later on, when everyone feels confident about their poker skills, they could play for cash.

Furthermore, if you and your friends live far apart, and the prospect of arranging a poker night at your home is too difficult, don’t worry! You can all play poker together online.

Poker is accessible to all with a device and internet connection, making it the perfect game for friends living far away from one another.

Get Active

Why not compound the benefits you receive from socialising by also getting active with your friends?

From awakening those feel-good endorphins to reducing your blood pressure and relieving stress and anxiety. Engaging together in sports is a fun and healthy way to catch up and mingle with your closest.

To help you find a sport or class that meets all of your needs and wants, think about your friends’ fitness levels and their interests.

For some inspiration on what types of exercise to consider, here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Walk: It’s free, and you can explore new places like the Mature Times writer Nigel who travelled from Liverpool to Boston on foot.
Yoga: Relieve stress and increase flexibility in a yoga session, feel peaceful and calm together.
Dance: Modern jive, ballroom, and salsa are just a few classes where you and your friends can have a blast.
Swimming: Give your body a complete workout and top up your social batteries by swimming alongside your pals.
Golf: Opt for a mental workout and burn calories while playing a few rounds of golf.

Movie Marathon

Who doesn’t love relaxing and watching a movie? When you and your friends are all caught up with what’s new in each other’s lives. Viewing a film is a great way to share each other’s company without any awkward silences.

Here are a few movie suggestions that are sure to be a success during a planned movie marathon:

● The Departed.
● Wild Child.
● Dirty Dancing.
● Die Hard.
● Planet of the Apes.
● Going in Style.

And don’t forget to make some popcorn!

Get Cooking

This is one for food-loving friendship groups whose get-togethers tend to revolve around cafes and restaurants.

You could pose the suggestion of taking it in turns to host a “Come dine with me” style night at each one of your homes!

Each host will prepare and make a three-course meal for their friends to enjoy in this activity. This, allows everyone to showcase their culinary and hosting skills by setting up a fabulous dinner party.

As with the TV programme, if you enjoy a bit of competition, you could also vote to decide which host made the best meals.

Volunteer Together

With so many causes to support, you and your friends are bound to find a charity to support that you all like.

Using some of your collective time to volunteer as you contribute towards making the world a better place can bring you and your friends closer.

Other reasons you and your pals may want to consider charity work as something to commit to together in your spare time are:

● You will get to learn new skills.
● Build self-esteem.
● Grow as individuals.
● Expand your minds.
● Plus, it’s an opportunity to give back.

Recommend the idea to your friends to see what they think. You can browse volunteer opportunities online at to see what options are close by to you all.

Friends give us a sense of belonging. They make us feel cared for, happy, and comfortable.

“It’s not what we have in life but who we have in our life that matters”. J.M. Lawrence

But to keep a friendship blossoming, it takes effort from both sides.

This is why it’s essential to make time for your favourite people and explore new ways to strengthen your shared bond. The five different suggestions above give you a few fun and unique ways you can do just that.