A local talking point

A local talking point

Being able to see the printed word is something a lot of us take for granted. Blind and partially sighted people don’t have this opportunity – but we can help them in other ways. We can provide access in many different ways if we apply more thought and effort. We have the technology … let’s use it.

Local newspapers are an important part of community life but what if you have a sight impairment which prevents you from reading them?

Talking Newspapers keep blind and partially sighted people in touch with local news and events.

There are approximately 500 independently run groups across the UK and many of them are members of the Talking News Federation.

These groups provide a volunteer-run free audio news and information service, which is financed by donations from the local community.

A selection of items from the local newspaper(s) and Mature Times newspaper are recorded, copied and then distributed to the listeners, using the “Articles for the Blind” freepost concession provided by Royal Mail. The specially designed wallets are then returned to the Talking Newspaper for re-use.

If you know of anyone who would like to receive this free service, please feel free to call Talking News Federation on the number below, or get in touch on 01793 497 555 or email: enquiries@tnf.org.uk.

Details of the group covering your area can be found on the Talking News Federation website www.tnf.org.uk.