60 different carers in 3 years!

The family of an 84-year-old slammed a council after it sent more than 60 different carers to her home – in just three years.

Frail Audrey Arundel needs constant help to live her daily life after suffering a stroke and gets support with care workers from Wakefield Council, West Yorks.

But since 2011 her family say they have changed her care team almost every month – and more than 60 different people have been sent out to her.

Mrs Arundel’s son-in-law Malcolm Oates, 62, has branded the situation ”diabolical”.

He said: ”We have 60-odd different carers in two-and-a-half years. It’s diabolical. They kept sending people who had just started and couldn’t do the job properly.

“It’s also well known that older people should have the same small number of carers. It makes them a lot happier.”

Rob Hurren, director for integrated care at the council, said: “We are aware of the issues raised regarding Mrs Arundel and are continuing to work with her and the family to ensure that her identified care needs are being met.”

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