Living with arthritis and gout: What you need to know

Living with arthritis and gout: What you need to know

Painful, chronic and life altering, anyone who suffers from arthritis or gout knows just how much of an impact these two conditions can have on your everyday living.

But with around 8.5 million Brits suffering from arthritis and 1 in 40 people suffering from gout, if you’re currently dealing with one of these debilitating diseases, you’re far from alone.

As both gout and arthritis affect daily life, knowing how to manage symptoms and deal with everyday tasks is a must.

So here’s what you need to know to help you get to grips with your gout or arthritis and ensure you keep getting the most out of life.

You may need to alter you home to suit your needs

As both gout and arthritis are chronic conditions – meaning they can continue to flare up and cause you difficulties over along period of time – it may well be worth altering your home to make daily life a little easier.

For example, if you have trouble getting in or out of the bath, you could look for alternative solutions to your daily hygiene routine. Speaking to experts at Bathing Solutions about units that will make access a little easier – such as walk in showers and bath seats – can be the first step in enjoying a relaxing bathroom ritual whatever your range of mobility.

You could also look into installing a handrail to help you get up and down the stairs or, if your arthritis or gout is especially bad, a chair lift that could help make your home more accessible.

Fitting levers to taps to make them easier to turn, using long handled tools to pick things up and investing in some electronic kitchen equipment to help you prepare food are all other ideas that can make daily life a little easier.

Eating well

By eating the right mix of nutrients and plenty of fresh fruit and veg, you can give you body the fuel it needs to stay as strong as possible and maintain a healthy weight.

This is especially important when it comes to gout as diets that are too rich in protein and alcohol can aggravate the condition and cause you additional pain.


Though exercise may be painful, being active can help to reduce pain and improve your condition. It is important to note that some forms of exercise can make arthritis and gout worse though so you should always check with your doctor or a trained professional before you begin a new regime.

Regular exercise can also help you to lose weight, something that can significantly improve your condition and make daily life a little easier.

New treatments are in the pipeline

As both gout and arthritis are painful and long lasting conditions, it’s important to try to stay positive about the future and knowing that new treatments are in the pipeline should make life a little easier.

One of the most exciting breakthroughs for those suffering from arthritis comes from the University of Texas Health Science Centre in the USA. Scientists there have created a pioneering treatment that involves injecting stem cells directly into joint.

Though the treatment is still being developed, it’s fantastic news for anyone currently living with arthritis and should ensure that daily life in the future is as pain free as possible.