A little book of cheer

A little book of cheer

Angela Neustatter’s humourous, clever and pertinent little book is all about the quirks and positive aspects of ageing.

She examines the ‘unexpected new pleasures and interests forever knocking on the door.’

Neustatter writes that, whether wearing leopard skin tights or finally having time to spare, she has found that growing older is a chance to do just that – grow in mind, body and spirit.

Angela Neustatter

A highly-respected journalist, Neustatter wrote her first book about ageing at fifty.

Now, having just turned seventy, she takes stock again in this wonderful, life-affirming little A-Z of ageing, which draws on medical research and information from experts to show what is possible when we finally have the time to do those things we’ve always put off.

Angela Neustatter considers in a light-hearted way what you can do to celebrate age. The ways we learn to deal with conflicts, problems, relationships, feelings about our appearance and behaviour through the years become a delight rather than a chore.

It’s highly engaging and will strike a chord with readers everywhere, especially as we are all coping with those winter blues….it’s very timely.

She wonders about the influence of age on dress – do you need to dress differently (no) or do you yourself start to change your views (yes), relationships with colleagues and friends, love and sex.

This book of observations will delight anyone reaching the age of…well, a certain age!

by Patricia Vine

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