The Mature Times newspaper

The Mature Times newspaper

Dear Sir.

I have just read this free paper which I discovered in the Nelson Library yesterday.

I have not bought a newspaper for more than 25 years as I got fed up of all the rubbish printed in most of them, especially the tabloids

Either doom and gloom, or blown up reports of various activities which portrayed the very worst of our society, sensationalising with glaring headlines, misdemeanours of various people. The proper news being tucked away somewhere in the middle of the paper.

I was very pleased and surprised by the content of your paper, balanced and informative, without being over the top on any issues.   I read it from front to back, even the adverts, and enjoyed every minute of the reading, a rare occurrence for me, at the age of 83.

Up until yesterday, I was not aware of its existence but will continue to seek it out wherever I can.

My congratulations to your Deputy Editor Tina Foster, (No Relation), for her forthright and common sense opinions in her column.   She brings out many points that concern most of us, without stuffing her opinions down our throats.

May your paper continue to flourish.

Yours sincerely
W. Foster