Lies, damned lies and statistics

Lies, damned lies and statistics

As one of the older generation, one of whom is deemed by some to be a burden on society, I wonder how much young people, particularly teenagers, know about the lives that people led in the old days. We worked, we had to, no benefits; we paid mortgages often when the interest rates were high; we saved and most tried not to get in debt.

What was wrong with the Referendum was that the Government and media spread a load of twisted statistics and lies and it became a slanging match rather than a measured and truthful debate. Enough to confuse all and now it is the fault of the “baby boomers”.

The reason that older people, that I know, voted for Brexit, was not to do with immigration. We are all immigrants in this country. How many of us are original, unadulterated Britons? The media still has this blame culture, and by continuing with this only creates bad feelings.

Older people are disenchanted by the current government and its policies, and by laws that can allow businessmen and women to steal millions from hardworking people and on the other hand take essential living money off people with mental illness by changing criteria in their re-assessments for Personal Independence Payment.

We want a government that will listen to all the public, including the old and the young and create a fairer society, not just for the rich.  To have a government that can make its own decisions would be a good start.

Rosita Wilkins