A letter from Mary Parkin – Pensioner benefits

A letter from Mary Parkin – Pensioner benefits

I am 78 years old and receive the magnificent sum of £91 per week pension. We have now been advised that the government intends to cancel the benefits that we receive, namely:

  • Stopping our bus passes.
  • Cutting the yearly cost of living rises.
  • Taking away our annual heating allowance.
  • Re-instating the TV license.

If you take away our bus passes, thousands of pensioners will be unable to venture into town. Many of our smaller shops are closing and town centres are now becoming “ghost towns”, unable to compete with Amazon. We therefore have to travel to shopping malls, which is an expensive trip for many of us.

The cost of living rises are a godsend, because our pensions cannot keep up with the rising cost of just living. In the winter we put on our heating for two hours in the morning and two also in the evening, wearing thermal socks and 2 or 3 sweaters (at the same time).

I am asking you, to please help stop this disgraceful vendetta against us pensioners and leave our paltry benefits alone.

Mary Parkin, Huddersfield