A letter from Mrs K. Regan – TV Licences

A letter from Mrs K. Regan – TV Licences

I am aged 82 years old and have been fortunate to receive a free TV licence for the past seven years. As I am not in receipt of pension credit I will have to pay for my TV licence in 2020.

At approximately £3.00 a week it is excellent value. It is not the fault of the BBC that they have had to make the decision to restrict the free TV licences to those on Pension Credit, a scheme that I fully agree with.

It is ridiculous to suggest that all pensioners are poor, some receive more than those who are working. I am not rich, but still pay a small amount of tax, and not only am I quite willing to pay for my TV licence, but I intend to send a double amount to help the BBC to continue funding the excellent programmes they produce. I do however consider that the BBC should look carefully at how much they pay their presenters – the suggestion that always gets quoted is that if they did not pay the accepted going rate then the presenters would go elsewhere, well, I suggest that they let them do just that, and give others trying to get into TV broadcasting a chance.

I also believe that it is about time that the licence is called a broadcasting licence, as the BBC fund all the radio programmes including the excellent World Service.

There are still those who do not have a Television but do rely on the radio and should be made to pay something towards it.

Mrs K. Regan, Carmarthen