Letters from Roger Braga and T. Green – Art galleries

Letters from Roger Braga and T. Green – Art galleries

May I commend your views concerning the lack of interest within today’s society and the decline in visiting art galleries. I speak as someone who has appreciated the visual arts throughout my life. I am 70 years old now and still try whenever possible to visit exhibitions and even partake occasionally.

For a while in the late 90’s and in between jobs, I worked as an art gallery attendant at the Royal Academy, The Tate, and Hayward galleries and although badly paid, it was an experience I would not have missed. One met the public at large and there were many amusing incidents that still make me laugh. My experiences suggest that schools could take a more active role in encouraging youngsters, say around the 10 – 15-year bracket, and take them more often to notable art exhibitions, national and local. This can only enrich young people’s lives and the more I see of today’s teenagers hanging around doing nothing in particular, and whose idea of ‘art’ is a visit to the local tattooist, the more I want to weep.

I feel it is time for the government to see the sense in pushing the arts a little more forcibly into the education system as it can only produce a better and more humane society which benefits everyone in the end.

Roger Braga, Burnham on Crouch

I have just finished reading your piece on Art. You, as do we have pictures, painting or prints: well I certainly have. My walls are covered and while it can produce a few frowns from my family I now feel a lot better about it.

T. Green, Clacton