A letter from Diana Baxter – Banks

A letter from Diana Baxter – Banks

Regarding the article “Bank? What Bank?” in May’s Mature Times

I am appalled at the way everything is being relentlessly taken over by on-line technology, completely disregarding the needs of large sections of the community who are being gradually cut off from vital services.

We are far too dependent on machines for everything and the personal touch is being lost. Not everybody can afford computers, smart phones, laptops etc let alone learn online banking with its high risk of fraudulent scams.

May I make a suggestion? How about the banks setting up mini branches in buildings such as larger stores or perhaps pubs? Or they could run mobile banks which stop in certain places at different times?

An unrelated point I wish to make is that some businesses advertise in papers and magazines giving only a website or email address. There is no contact phone number or any address to which you can write. They exclude everyone who lacks online technology. Do they regard these people as a sort of underclass, or their custom as unworthy in some way?

Going online is excellent for contacting friends old and new, displaying photographs or gaining information, but it is not for absolutely everybody and everything. One size does not fit all.

Diana Baxter, Derby