The EU & Brexit

The EU & Brexit

Dear Letters,

I read your front-page article “Brexit or Bremain?” (May.) When we voted to go into the EU in 1975 we were told we were voting for a trading partnership called “The European Economic Community” (known as The Common Market.)  There was no mention then that it would be a political union & superstate.  70% of UK laws are now made in Brussels.  The British government has voted against an EU proposal 70 times and we have lost 70 times!  Britain is the second highest financial contributor to the EU but we only have 12% of the votes.

Apparently the UK sends the EU £350million a week, in addition to the £500million Britain has paid for infringing EU rules & regulations.  Most EU officials are appointed not elected, and we don’t even know who most of them are.  Hardly democratic.

I understand accountants have not be able to sign off the EUs accounts for 21 years!   EU bureaucrats interfere unnecessarily in so many things.

One of their Directives was that only fruit and vegetables of the right measurements could be sold in supermarkets.  Decades later it was at last realised that this had caused so much good eatable food to have to be destroyed by farmers. When we need strong leadership because of the migrant crisis, the EU has been useless and has proved to be an over-inflated expensive balloon of hot air.

Best wishes,
A. Wills