Keep Dancing!

Keep Dancing!

Further to my previous email, I have rewritten my “Keep Dancing” verses for your reader’s pleasure – and hopefully yours!

As teen-agers we went to the disco
Each night had a different theme
We strutted our stuff
Could not get enough
We were living our rock’n roll dream.

The guests at our wedding reception
Were amazed at our waltz, cheek to cheek
Everyone clapped and laughed
It was choreographed
We’d been practising week after week!

Then she made me watch Strictly Come Dancing
I wished I was Anton du Beke
And though I improve
After seeing him move
I turned into a physical wreck!

The injuries kept on returning
My muscles got terribly sore
I forgot my fandango
While learning the tango
I won’t do the Splits any more!

So we’ve said Cheerio to the cha-cha
We’ve abandoned the under-arm twirl
Now the nearest we get
To the glitter-ball set
Is with tea and a Viennese Whirl!

Yours sincerely,