Join the challenge to waste less and live more this September

Join the challenge to waste less and live more this September

This year’s Waste less, Live more Week, run by environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy, will take place from 19-25 September.

With households generating around 27 million tonnes of waste every year, with over half ending up in landfill or waste incinerators, challenging people to think differently about the waste they produce is more important than ever.

grandfather pushing grandchild on swingThe Waste less, Live more Challenge is the centre piece of the campaign and is supported by Lidl UK, as part of their broader donation of proceeds of the carrier bag charge towards the charity’s work.

The Challenge encourages everyone to commit to as many of the 101 ways to waste less and live more, with over 30,000 people now signed up.

The challenges range from the very simple: enjoy a shared lunch with colleagues or go for a bike ride, to the more unusual: give a hen a home or row a boat, and the Challenge Pack is available to download at

Keep Britain Tidy Chief Executive Allison Ogden-Newton said: “The aim of Waste less Live more Week is to show everyone that doing things that are good for the environment can be good for us too.

“Whether it is scooting to school or simply taking the time to gaze at the stars, the 101 activities in this year’s Challenge are all about fun and enjoyment as much as they are about caring for the environment.

“Living sustainably doesn’t have to mean sacrifice and missing out on things, it’s all about living a healthier and happier life.”