International Women’s Day: 100 years of female achievement in 70 seconds

International Women’s Day: 100 years of female achievement in 70 seconds

A new study has revealed 61% of women have been motivated on multiple occasions to take on challenges such as travelling alone and learning new languages. The survey by Exodus Travels revealed that what motivated women was seeing and hearing about female achievement.

International Women’s Day celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women. For this reason, Exodus Travels have produced a video to celebrate female achievement over the last 100 years.

The video showcases landmark events such as UK women getting the vote to Hillary Clinton’s presidential nomination.  With over a third of 21-34 year-old’s revealing that they felt more confident when they saw people like them find success, it’s important to celebrate these milestones.

Sit back and get a lesson in history; here’s the timeline of female achievement:

1918 We got the vote! (UK female homeowners over 30)

1921 First woman to drive around the world (Aloha Wanderwell)

1926 First woman to swim the channel (Gertrude Ederle)

1928 First woman to fly across the Atlantic (Amelia Earhart)

1947 First woman to explore Antarctica (Edith “Jackie” Ronne)

1955 Rosa Parks prompts the Montgomery bus boycott

1963 First woman to fly to space (Valentina Tereshkova)

1967 First woman to enter Boston marathon (Kathrine Switzer)

1972 First female CEO of a Fortune 500 company (Katharine Graham)

1975 First woman to summit Mount Everest (Junko Tabei)

1977 First woman to race in Indy 500 (Janet Guthrie)

1979 First female Prime Minister (Margaret Thatcher)

1997 First all-women’s expedition to the North Pole

2000 Debut of female pole vault as Olympic event

2008 First woman to run round the world, to raise awareness for prostate cancer. (It took Rosie Swale Pope 5 years)

2009 First woman to pass 100 metres in one breath in free diving (Natalia Molchanova)

2016 First female candidate to be nominated for president by major US party (Hillary Clinton)