GrandFest: a celebration of skills

GrandFest: a celebration of skills

Royal Voluntary Service is passionate about encouraging older people to stay active and continue pursuing their interests as a way of encouraging social interaction and maintaining self-esteem. To promote this message, Royal Voluntary Service created GrandFest: a celebration of the skills that older people can pass on to younger generations.

Over the years we have brought together GrandMakers; people over the age of 60 who have a traditional skill they enjoy sharing with others. These GrandMakers then present Masterclasses to small groups at our GrandFest Events. GrandFest

The main GrandFest event will be at Spitalfields in London on Sunday, 18 June. In addition, there will be a number of smaller events across the UK. With a combination of Masterclasses and entertainment these events are guaranteed to be fun packed.

We’re looking for talented GrandMakers who have a particular skill and would enjoy sharing it with others to join our existing family of GrandMakers. So if you know someone who would make a great GrandMaker, or would like to do it yourself then apply today.

Click here to revisit previous years’ GrandFests and watch our GrandMakers in action hosting their Masterclasses

Being a GrandMaker can be a really joyful, rewarding experience, and some examples of skills are listed below but do come forward with any others you feel could be shared.

Brewing Butchery Poetry
Story telling Pottery Upholstery
Perfume making Bike maintenance Map designing
Quilting Knitting Print making
Wickerwork Weaving Candle making
Calligraphy Book binding Cross stitching
Beading Embroidery Pickling
Furniture recycling Tailoring Pastry making
Millinery Distilling & wine making Gardening – Grow your own

So if you are, or if you know of, an older person with a skill to share then it would be great to hear from you. There is no limit to the number of people that can apply but be quick, we must have all applications by 10 March.  If you nominate someone, don’t forget to get their permission first.

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