Hearingdirect.com and Conversor team up on special Christmas offer

Hearingdirect.com and Conversor team up on special Christmas offer

Renowned for selling value for money hearing aids online, HearingDirect.com,  the world’s largest online hearing experts, has teamed up with Conversor to sell Conversor’s highly successful Conversor Pro assistive listening device.

In busy or noisy environments, even if you wear a hearing aid, the level of background noise is way too high and your hearing aid cannot cope. Think of all those Christmas parties, church sermons and family gatherings where you struggled to hear one voice out of the many sounds jostling for your attention.

hearing direct 2Conversor Pro’s wireless microphone transmits the sound of the speaker to a pendant receiver worn by the hearing aid user.  The receiver then connects with the hearing aid using the Telecoil or T setting.

The speaker’s voice is heard that much clearer, as the intervening noises or effects of room acoustics are not heard by the hearing aid user.   It’s as though you were standing next to the person talking in a normal room setting.

HearingDirect.com are offering £100 off the retail price of Conversor Pro for the period from now until the end of January 2015.

An ideal Christmas present for a loved one?  Don’t let your friends or family ever feel excluded because they can’t hear clearly.

Order a Conversor Pro now by filling in the Coupon in the Mature Times now or contact HearingDirect.com.

Visit HearingDirect.com website at www.HearingDirect.com call 0800 032 1301 Monday to Friday 9.00am – 5.00 pm or email customerservices@hearingdirect.com