Paula’s Wines of the Week starting 21st December 2015

Paula’s Wines of the Week starting 21st December 2015

Just a few days left to go and if you’re still unsure what wines to get in then try my list of top ten great tasting wines to match with what ever you’ll be eating on the 25th December. There’s wines to match the traditional roast, plus wines for later in the day when all you want is a sandwich and possibly a spoonful of trifle. There’s also a couple of champagnes for toasting the arrival of your guests or for just drinking with a slice of toast and a red wine that doubles as an alternative to after-dinner port. What ever you want it’s here.

Ten Wines for Christmas


Aldi Sancerre 2014

£11.99 Aldi

This French white made with the Sauvignon Blanc grape is very French and very good – expect creamy apple and melon with a background of light gooseberry. Match to roast chicken or lighter meals.


Fairbank Wines Australian Semillon 2014

£8 Sainsbury’s

Honey, nuts and gooseberry – sharp and sweet simultaneously. A good alternative to South African Chenin Blanc or Riesling if you want a wine to match to any type of Asian dish.


Most Wanted Spanish Albarino 2014

£6.99 Co-op

A very light white with flavours of lemon and creamy apple. Would make a good aperitif.


Interlude Australian Pinot Noir 2014

£6.49 Co-op

Leave this red open for an hour before drinking to allow the full set of flavours to come through –  black cherry, marzipan and a touch of Old Spice. A lighter red.


Definition New Zealand Pinot Noir 2014

£15.99 Majestic

This own-label Majestic red makes a good choice to match with Christmas food as its sweet-sharp flavours of plum and star anise have enough about them to match hearty dishes and lighter snacks.


Anciano Spanish Tempranillo Reserva 2009

£7.99 Co-op

A complex red with flavours of light blackberry, creamy damson and toffee. A nice wine so why not get some in just in case?


Co-op Truly Irresistible Spanish Vina Gala Rioja Crianza 2012

£6.99 Co-op

Tastes like chewy cherry and chocolate oat bars or a crumbly cherry gateaux. And all for £6.99. Bargain.


Definition Vina Majestica Spanish Rioja Reserva 2009

£12.99 Majestic

Another own-label wine from Majestic that is so choc full of flavours that if you left the bottle open for a bottle of days then it would mellow into an alternative for after-dinner port: chocolate, cherry, cranberry, cinnamon and mixed spice. Wow.


Taste the Difference Sainsbury’s Brut Vintage Champagne 2014

£20 Sainsbury’s

Sophisticated flavours – light honey, lemon, almond biscuit and buttered crumpet.


Antoine de Clevecy Brut Champagne

£13 Sainsbury’s

A rich fizz that needs food to quieten down all that creamy honey, toast and fresh apple flavour.


Good luck with the wine shopping – and have a merry time!


See you next year.

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