Hand luggage only

Hand luggage only

If you are taking a last minute holiday to the sun or have found a cheap offer with an budget airline you can save money by only taking hand baggage.

Here are some tips to pack your holiday luggage into a teeny carry-on bag. This works best for beach holidays, but if you need a suit or posh frock you may need to think again.

Getting the right bag is half the battle. Get it wrong and it could cost you a small fortune at the check-in desk.

The right size and weight. Baggage limits vary per airline, so it’s important to check with the airline you’re flying with. Chose material rather than a hard case as it has more give if you have to stuff things in. It is useful to have pockets on the front to make travel documents and reading material easily accessible.

Plan your wardrobe, day by day. This way you will be able to be ruthless: we all take clothes we never wear. Collect everything you need and lay it out before you pack so you can decide what can be left behind. And of course, make sure you check the weather forecast to help plan.

Create a capsule wardrobe that you can easily mix and match from. And try to take items made from synthetic fibres – they pack more easily, are light, and will dry far more quickly than cottons if you need to wash them while away.

For your on-board outfit, make sure it comprises your bulkiest, heaviest items. If it is too hot you can take things off as soon as you get through the gate and onto the plane. Use pockets to carry heavier items such as cameras, chargers, books and toiletries.

SuitcasesSort your liquids; decant shampoos and other liquids into empty plastic containers holding up to 100ml. You can pick these up from from most chemists, or save small plastic pots when you can.

Of course, in most destinations you will be able to buy toiletries and sun lotion often cheaper than in the UK.

Pack your liquids at the top so you can take them out easily for security

Pack heaviest items at the bottom, nearest the wheels. Fill shoes or any gaps with small items like scarves, chargers and underwear.

Roll, don’t fold. Take each item of clothing, fold any sleeves in then roll as tightly as you can. With sheer, thin tops, bundle them together and then roll. Sounds easy, and it is, but you’ll be amazed at how much more you can fit in. It also cuts down on the creasing.

If you find that you need an additional item of clothing, maybe you get invited to an event that you have not packed for, it is usually easy to persuade yourself that you have to go shopping.

It can work out more economical to buy a new dress or shirt while on holiday rather than pay excess on your luggage!

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