Flood of emotions at Mature Times

Flood of emotions at Mature Times

Andrew Young. SWNS News Editor. 14 Feb 2014I don’t intend to drone on about the weather, although we British do like a good moan. I am not a religious man but when I hear people describe recent conditions as ’biblical’, I get where they are coming from and wish I had actually built that ark – I mean wooden Kayak – I got as a kit in my 30s.

But it is at times like this, in the face of true hardship and adversity that we as a nation pull together and show our true colours.

Politics aside – and dismissing the dooms-dayers predicting Armageddon – it really is time to reach out to our neighbours, young and old alike, to ensure they are safe and well.

A reassuring ‘everything ok?’ can do the world of good, particularly for the old, lonely or vulnerable members of our communities.

So, spread the love and show that you care, do a selfless deed and just see how good you feel.

True grit

In the spirit of the piece above we all at Mature Times want to send our heartfelt praise and commiserations to the family of Good Samaritan Roger Hayward following the tragic death of an outstanding member of the community.

Roger, 71, was tragically electrocuted as he helped move a tree bought down by gale force winds in Chippenham, Wiltshire last Wednesday.

A real ‘would do anything for anybody’ character, Roger and his son Andrew, 37, got stuck in.

Sadly, the power lines that came down with the tree and blacked out the entire neighbourhood were still live. His wife Celia and daughter Linda describe him as a ‘selfless man, who just wanted to help others’. God bless you Roger.

The final countdown

Not long to go now. The latest research from the Skipton Building Society suggests that British adults aged 55 and over are enjoying the richest years of their lives.

People entering their final years of work or early retirement are in the best financial position of their lives after paying off their mortgage and debts!!

Well, I suppose it all depends on how early you started having a family and real responsibilities and began planning for, the then, very distant future.

But at 52 your humble editor still finds himself a wage slave tied inextricably to the mortgage. My three beautiful children, the youngest now 19, although fully-fledged, still visit the nest to re-fuel – both stomachs and creaking bank accounts.

So I suppose it is all relative – I just cannot see the finish line!!!

Ageing with distinction

It has been said that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but granddad-of-four Michael Poyzer has proved that saying wrong.

The dedicated learner has graduated from university after 43 years of studying. Impressively Michael managed to balance married life, three children, and his own business to clinch a 2:2 in science and technology with the Open University.

Congratulations Michael, here’s a heartfelt pat on the back – and here’s to all you other learners, proving we’re never too old to push ourselves.

Bright new dawn

We don’t often blow our own trumpets at Mature Times, but quietly get on with it behind the scenes. Well, consider the horn blown.

We love the new website layout, design, colour and content – and hope you do to. We invest a lot of time, thought and money into bringing you, our loyal readers, what we believe to be a quality product.

But if for any reason you disagree with us, then let us know. We are here to please – oh, and inform.

by Andrew Young, Mature Times editor editorial@maturetimes.co.uk