Equality? Only if you’re online

Equality? Only if you’re online

I am writing after reading your article ‘Held back by Ageism’ April 2016.

My husband and I feel that we are being treated unfairly because of our age. Our problem is that no matter how hard we try we just cannot get on well with computers.

Therefore, we miss out on many offers. Why should there not be a telephone number or postal address alternative?

Now it seems that computer skills are needed for evening classes. I enrolled and paid for a maths GCSE course last year, only to discover that we would have to do some sort of assessments online.

I had to have a refund. I have written to the Ministry of Justice asking them about the impact on Equal Rights if one cannot use computers. To date I have not had a reply.

Now computers are needed for everything; screens make you dizzy and cause migraines; Wi-Fi is charged for; equipment constantly needs updating (which means rising costs) and criminals try to steal our data. Why should we be allowed to be ‘left behind’?

Julia Davey, Warminster