Discover the secret life of Spitfires and Hurricanes

Discover the secret life of Spitfires and Hurricanes

The RAF Museum is offering enthusiasts and visitors a rare chance to get ‘under the skin’ of some of their iconic Battle of Britain aircraft.

The Museum is conducting an ‘open’ condition survey of its aircraft as part of its on-going plans to commemorate and celebrate the RAF’s Centenary in 2018.

RAF hurricane aeroplane RAF museum

The first of these surveys is now under way in the Battle of Britain Hall at its London site and will last until November. During this time visitors will be able to see under the skin of some of the aircraft as panels are removed and parts are dismantled for a closer inspection.

For the first time ever, the Museum is enabling visitors to see the ‘nuts and bolts’ under the panels as qualified technicians asses each aircraft and is also encouraging public photography and filming of the process.

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