Convert to sharing?

Convert to sharing?

At this time of year our thoughts turn towards lonely people, rich and poor.

There are bereaved partners and single divorcees living in their now too large houses, isolated and facing excessive mortgages or rentals.

A happy solution is to convert their houses into two self-contained bedsits. My sister in Birmingham has done this with the aide of a grant. Now she has a tenant who provides both social and financial security.

Or why not convert a large house into bedsits with a communal lounge to provide extra companionship and income? An additional benefit is the work provided for local enterprising builders. So, don’t be sad and lonely, get advice and get converted – make it your New Year resolution!

M Jones, Wrexham

Do make sure that you have the relevant permissions for Building Regulations and planning. If you are having more than three tenants sharing you need HMO permission from the Council. – Ed.