Wellbeing – Are you in on the secret?

Wellbeing – Are you in on the secret?

Do you cross your legs when you sneeze? You’re not alone.

For one woman in every three, a laugh can be awkward, a cough causes anxiety and a golf swing can lead to disaster. We’re living with a common, but not commonly talked-about, secret – we experience little bladder accidents, often brought on by motherhood, menopause, medications or general loss of muscle strength due to ageing.

What’s less commonly known is that one in every ten men will have similar issues, often related to prostate cancer, diabetes, obesity or just getting older.

For both men and women, these little leaks can affect confidence, sometimes to the extent that we stop doing things we love, like gardening, going to the movies or travel.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a pair of ordinary undies with just enough discreet padding to catch those wee accidents?

Now textile technology company Confitex has come up with just that.

Combining comfort, fashion and leakproof performance, their line of washable absorbent underwear offers peace of mind and lets you get on with life.

Confitex Image 2Confitex underwear looks, feels, washes and dries just like regular underwear and requires no pads or liners – so there’s no messing around with tricky packaging or adhesive strips.

Discreetly built into each pair of Confitex underwear is a high-performance three-layer fabric with an odour-resistant inner layer that wicks moisture away from the skin, a high absorbency middle layer, and a leakproof outer layer that protects against awkward mishaps all day long.

Originally created to help keep extreme athletes dry during long workouts, this fabric is breathable, hypoallergenic and plastic-free, which makes Confitex underwear better for your skin, better for the environment and, being reusable, much better for your wallet than pads or liners.

Confitex underwear is available in a variety of styles for men and women and can be ordered discreetly online for delivery to your door in plain packaging. To see what it looks like and to find out more, visit confitex.co.uk