One cup of coffee at a time

One cup of coffee at a time

When the day is just right

As we move from winter to spring, there are lots of noticeable changes. Flowers line the sidewalk. The weather is warmer. Animals, birds and plants emerge from a season of hibernation. However, a few things continue unabated. Our career and private life usually, very often, remain the same. Given the limited amount of time we have, we want to make the best use of every passing minute. Coffee is a part of life we are all too familiar with right from childhood. We still like to have our coffee whether busy or not. It is a very important item for a lot of people in relaxation. Gourmesso pods wrap the enjoyable unique flavour of coffee plus saving you a lot of time all in one capsule. There are up to 25 different varieties of Nespresso and espresso capsules to choose from. These are coffee readily available for both night and day. They are also made from excellent bean species. What is even more interesting is that, the coffee drink is also easy to prepare. Nespresso compatible capsules come at a good price. The coffee beans are organic and grown under environmentally friendly conditions. It is easy to order your favourite Gourmesso pod online from the comfort of your home or office.

Coffee makes a difference

A cup of coffee is one of the means to socialise with friends and family, and in some cases, even with strangers. At home, in the office, at train stations, and supermarkets, people like to have access to their favourite coffee at any time they please. Nevertheless, the benefits of coffee is not limited to association between individuals. There are some health benefits as well.

A few cups of coffee consumed per day have a positive effect on the body. Liver disease prevention has been associated with the consumption of coffee. Adults who consume up to three cups of coffee per day are known to have an improved cognitive function. A sharper memory is another attendant benefit of coffee. For adults who are interested in sports and other forms of exercise, coffee increases athletic endurance. The daily intake, as well, reduces the risk of Type 2 diabetes. Furthermore, coffee has an overall effect in enhancing longevity.

Caffeine in coffee

Caffeine is the beneficial ingredient in coffee. There are different recommendations for coffee intake. Factors such as age, weight, health status, lifestyle, and heredity have to be taken into consideration. Each cup of coffee has a different amount of caffeine. This is due to the processing method, the particular bean specie and the mechanism of storage. The average daily intake of coffee with attendant health benefits is around three to five cups.

The Journey of coffee

Many stories surround the discovery of coffee. Some historians claim coffee originated in Ethiopia. However, commercial cultivation of coffee started in the Arab peninsular around 15th century A.D. As the popularity of coffee grew, it was no longer limited to households. Public coffee houses sprang up in different cities. Ancient European travellers tasted this exceptional flavour when they went for trade in the Arab world. They brought coffee to the continent of Europe. Around the 17th century, coffee was a unique delicacy in European society. The more popular coffee became, the more it was grown. Environments with suitable weather conditions like Africa, South America, and Asia, produced coffee beans at large commercial scales. A few centuries later, coffee was usually only sold in coffee shops. With the advent of the internet, coffee can be ordered online. At unique coffee machines around the world, you can process a Gourmesso pod and still have the same excellent coffee flavour.

Coffee at your doorstep

Gourmesso pods are compatible with all Nespresso machines. The coffee beans used for the brewing are of the highest quality. It is possible to place your order by telephone. A dedicated customer service agent is available to answer your questions and help with the request. There are different offers and discounts available each month on the website. You can choose whichever suits your schedule and budget. There is also free shipping for large orders. For buying in large quantities, you can select between the coffee capsules, the tea capsules, and other coffee bundles which save you extra cost but still deliver the same excellent coffee flavour and unique taste.

Coffee and You

Some people have concerns about their coffee intake. This is unneccesary, however, each individual’s coffee requirement varies depending on heredity, metabolism, lifestyle, and health. Many research have proven there is no adverse effect of coffee consumption of up to 400mg or 4 cups per day. Normally, you decide the amount of coffee you need based on your individuality and preference. You can have your favourite coffee at any time you want with just a click of the mouse.