Do you celebrate Happiness Day?

Do you celebrate Happiness Day?

What? You’ve never heard of it? When is it? Actually you can make any day Happiness Day.

Today is a fresh brand new day. Twenty four hours to do whatever your heart desires! How great can you make it? I mean really forget everything on your to do list and let’s commit to making this the very best Happiness Day ever.

Start with creating your very own joy. Let go of the same old same old and do something new What is it that would make your heart sing out loud today?

Whatever it is, just do it!  Ring that friend you haven’t talked to in a long time. Put on some upbeat music, turn it up and dance round the kitchen.  Sing along clap your hands; let your Spirit soar with joy and passion. Or just make a cup of tea using the best china and open those special biscuits.

For the next 24 hours be different, be daring – you can always go back to your old self tomorrow if you really want to.

Do not allow guilt, fear, worry, doubt or judgment to cloud your day. Ban them from the party, but invite hope, joy, confidence, fun, freedom and indulgence.

And invite some other friends to share happiness day with you.  If they are busy tell them you will come along to their happiness day very soon.

Spread the joy; make a list of what is good in your life and what can make it better.  Count your blessings, do a “Pollyanna” and be GLAD.

Smile at everyone you meet, put money in a busker’s hat, take flowers to someone in hospital, give your favourite books to a charity shop.

And look forward your next Happiness Day.

What makes you happy?  We’d love to hear from you.

by Tina Foster, assistant editor